Follow Up Appointment

Price: $80/$70 concession (30-45 min)
Private Health Insurance Rebates Available for Appointment

  • After 1st appointment a follow up appointment is scheduled for 1-2 weeks, depending on the severity and the nature of the condition and symptoms.
  • After the first follow up, appointments are then usually scheduled for approx once or twice a month when health is progressing. Some conditions may need more frequent appointments in the beginning stages of treatment, but once a month is average.
  • Most patients usually require approx. 2-6 follow up appointments. Some signs and symptoms can improve within a few days, some may take a few months. There are some patients that need continuous ongoing support.
  • Some patients may also only need one appointment and one treatment (this is all depending on presenting concern).
  • Expectations, and any concerns regarding treatment can be discussed at your appointment.