Fertility Appointment

Initial: $140/ $120 concession (1 hour)
Follow Up: $80/$70 concession (30-45min)
Private Health Insurance Rebates Available for Appointment
  • Appointments can be made for all stages in fertility planning.
  • Appointments suit initial stages of fertility planning. A couple may have decided to start planning for a child, and have a 3-12 month goal. The couple is after optimal health for optimal pregnancy outcomes.
  • The appointment also serves as a pre-screening for couples. During consult we can identify if there is any reason to suspect any concern, and can organise testing panels if warranted. This helps to fast track, and address any issues instead of waiting 12 months of attempted conception before an infertility diagnosis.
  • This appointment is also suited to someone that is on a medication for a chronic disease and the medication is contraindicated in pregnancy, and they need to find a suitable alternative. Ideally, we will need a few months to wean to an alternative option (before booking an appointment please contact directly by email the name of the medication and the condition it was prescribed for to confirm if possibility).
  • This appointment is also suited for a couple whom has been medically tested and diagnosed as “infertile” by a Dr and/or diagnosed with a medical reproductive condition. There are numerous treatments available for these patients that can prevent them from needing IVF. The treatment also helps the general health of the body to prepare for IVF, if it is needed. If you have copies of any previous tests, please bring them to the first appointment.
  • This appointment is also appropriate for IVF support. Patients already in IVF should bring in any copies of tests (if you have them), and medication lists. In IVF naturopathy is a supportive role to increase the outcome of IVF treatment. The Drs and the medications take over the hormonal treatment in this phase. The focus is on optimising general health, increase chances of holding the IVF conception throughout initial stages of the first trimester, also to help with side effects, and other general concerns of stress, adrenals, anxiety, bowels, bloating, immune support, liver etc.
  • This appointment can also be used for all stages of pregnancy and any health issues arising throughout pregnancy. Eg acute colds/flus, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, headaches, fatigue, mood, bowels, leg cramps, varicose veins, urination difficulties, bowels, constipation, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, oedema, fluid retention, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, reflux and indigestion, sleep issues, skin complaints, blood sugar control, blood pressure, breast tenderness and continued support of any chronic diagnosed medical condition.
  • This appointment is also available for males in fertility complaints.