Mental Health Appointment

Initial: $140/ $120 concession (1 hour)
Follow Up: $80/$70 concession (30-45min)
Private Health Insurance Rebates Available for Appointment
  • At Benowa Family Medical Centre, we have a team of 2 psychologists and a GP to design an integrative care approach for our patients.
  • If you have recently been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, “naturopathy treatment plans” can be a suitable alternative before the use of medication.
  • If mood, depression and anxiety, is somewhat unexplained, clinical naturopathy can assist, in helping to understand some triggers that may not actually be from the nervous system only.
  • Think to when you had a cold or a flu. Your mood is low. Glandular fever can be months of low mood and low energy.  Think of when you are in pain. Your mood is low. To help depression we sometimes can work on immune system or work on inflammation. Anxiety and depression can often have triggered from a change in hormones, a miscarriage, childbirth, change in birth control. Think to when your period is due. Your depression or anxiety is higher. We can work on hormones to improve depression and anxiety. Think to when you need to eat. Your anxiety is higher. Think to excessive coffee. Your anxiety is higher. Think to a child with excessive sugar or food additives. The mood can be anxious, and then one hour later the child is depressed on their sugar come down. Think to too many alcoholic drinks. Your mood can be anxious or low. Think to a hangover. Alcohol is a depressant. We can work on blood sugar control and diet to improve depression and anxiety. Think to the person who eats a block of chocolate and 4,000 calories a day and never puts on weight and is anxious. Think to a person who always exercises and watches their food and can’t lose weight and is depressed. We can work on thyroid to improve anxiety or depression. Think to bowels. Serotonin’s role is in the motility of the bowel. Think to constipation or diarrhea or severe bloating. Your mood is low and anxiety is high when you are constantly looking for a bathroom. We can work on digestive system to improve depression and anxiety. Think to anemia. Think to a lack of oxygen to the brain. Try not being anxious or mood changes with low oxygen. Think to no sleep. Think to working 16 hour days. We can work on sleep,stress, energy, and adrenals to improve depression and anxiety. Think of when you last broke up with a partner or had conflict in the office or home. The physical symptoms are real, it can feel like a heart attack, but most people don’t tell their doctors the probable trigger of anxiety or depression is a broken heart or they don’t like their colleague. Patients do not always necessarily require medications on neurotransmittors for mental health as it can be a different system triggering the symptoms. Please see About Clinical Naturopathy and About Conditions Assisted for more information.
  • The appointment can also be made for a patient that is already on medication, and experienced strong side effects, and wishes to wean from medications to a natural alternative.  In mild to moderate cases, the medications can be weaned and switched to a clinical “naturopathic treatment” without major complications.
  • In severe presentation of mental health, patients may need to stay on medications. For this patient, we can work to help with the side effects, liver and kidney function, help to improve general chronic health, wellbeing, help with other co-existing conditions, help with treatments for acute conditions, when the pharmaceutical drugs have severe interactions.
  • Over the years I have worked in supportive treatment with doctors, and psychologists, in conditions of schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, Asperger’s, depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Please note there are numerous drug interactions with depression, anxiety, schizophrenic, bipolar medications, this includes both natural and pharmaceutical medications and over the counter medicines from a pharmacy. Always remember to declare these medications in all appointments with any practitioner. It is advised not to self-prescribe, even in a cold or flu, or a back injury, it is important to seek medical/pharmaceutical or clinical naturopathic advice.