Complex Health Appointment

Initial: $300 +
Follow Up: $100 +
+additional research is $50/hour
Private Health Insurance Rebates Available for Appointment

  • This style of appointment is for patients with serious medical conditions, multiple diagnosis, multiple drug interactions, serious rare conditions, issues with severe side effects of medications.
  • The Complex Health appointment is complementary to the medical field. If you do not have a current GP we can organise to help you find a suitable one.
  • The appointment can also be for “undiagnosed” cases where numerous testing panels from doctors have come back negative. The patient is very unwell, and the patient may be lost as to which direction to take in health after being sent in a circle of specialists and testing panels which have all come back with non-remarkable results.
  • Only 2-5 new patient appointments for Complex Health are available each week, due to the time, concentration and research required for each new patient. A waiting list may apply.
  • Please bring any copies of health history, medication and supplement lists, and past blood tests to the appointment. If you do not have copies, during the appointment we can organise to have your medical records released. All privacy and patient confidentiality clauses are extended to clinic naturopathic consults.
  • Sometimes these cases are so complex that very little can be safely prescribed on the first visit. A follow up will be scheduled within 1 week after the first initial appointment where a full treatment plan will be provided.
  • For some of the serious disease states the actual presenting condition can on occasions improve*, this is case by case, but a full recovery is usually not a realistic expectation in these cases. Usually when someone experienced a recovery, then the case by case details, were that their medical diagnosis and medical treatment plan was incorrect to start with.
  • The role in Complex Health appointments is to help with energy, bowels, constipation, diarrhea, opportunistic candida, opportunistic immune colds and flus, headaches, bed sores, sleep, stress, anxiety, mood, concentration, brain fog, joint pains, muscle pains, liver and kidney function, prevention of secondary infections, side effects from medications, general well being.
  • We can help with improved health. We can help get you to achieve some of your goals, and bucket lists. We can often get the patient well enough to attend their upcoming daughter’s wedding. It is not about a “cure” at this stage.
  • This comment may apply to a few potential patients reading this page: A promise of cure in natural therapies for a patient in a vulnerable position should be reported. For patients and for their loved ones, bankruptcy in the search of a miracle is an everlasting toll to surviving family members. There is no change in the herbal medicine treatment costs at the clinic between a general health appointment versus complex health appointments. The price of a herb has little to do with the therapeutic uses, or conditions it may help treat rather it is related to farming, growing factors, seasonal availability etc, not its efficacy. The additional cost in appointment price is due to the time required.
  • For further information about Complex Health appointments please send an email to with your contact details and a brief description of your diagnosis, symptoms, medications, health history, and I will respond within 48 hours to let you know if and when an appointment is available.


**Disclaimer: to the AMA Australian Medical Association and the TGA Therapeutic Goods Association, I openly invite you to have full access (with patient confidentially protection) to my filing cabinet of documented case study after case study. Naturopathy will often fall short in clinical trials as the basis of naturopathy is every patient needed a different treatment so we cannot design a successful clinical trial based on one herb, one disease, to yield a P statistic value in sciences own methodology protocols. What I do have is hundreds of documented individual case studies of positive results, (including their pathology results) using only a traditional liquid herb dispensary, diet and lifestyle changes, and vitamin/mineral supplementation. For every patient numerous hours of research including drug and nutrient interaction checks and disease interaction checks are made before the prescription of any herb or vitamin.


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